Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction

Common FAQs on Breast Surgery

Tummy tuck removes the excess/loose skin and fat and tightens the muscles underneath whereas in liposuction only fat is liquidified and aspirated using cannula and suction machine via very small incision(0.5-0.8cm). People undergoing liposuction have good skin tone as against those who would require to undergo abdominoplasty. Liposuction will not remove or reduce loose, hanging, or excess skin.

If u have excess/ loose skin and fat and underlying muscle weakness – Tummy tuck is the procedure of choice for you. It can be combined with liposuction of surrounding areas to achieve superior cosmetic results.

If there is no excess skin but only excess fat and good skin tone – liposuction is the procedure best suited for you.

Yes. Nowadays, we combine both procedures in a certain group of patients to give cosmetically superior results.

  • Liposuction is almost scarless as the incisions are only 0.5-0.8cm and fat is aspirated with small cannulas and a suction machine.
  • Tummy tuck (according to a type of technique) leaves a scar approximately (6-8 inches) long. The scar will be low on the abdomen and can be easily concealed in your undergarments.
  • In patients with a genetic predisposition for keloid / hypertrophic scarring, there may be chances of developing the same at the scar site.

Liposuction can be performed in many different areas, unlike abdominoplasty.
It can be performed in the abdomen, ankles, arms, buttocks, cheeks, chin, hips, knees, neck, thighs, and upper arms.

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