Sebaceous Cysts


Sebaceous cysts are cysts on the skin that occur when the oil glands become blocked or damaged. It usually occurs around the face, ears, body, head or groin. It grows slowly and rarely causes pain. Smaller cysts may also go away after a while, but if the cyst is large, you may have the option of drainage or surgery, especially if the cyst is swollen or painful.

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Here are some common types of Sebaceous Cysts surgery


They are usually filled with a thick, yellow, sticky substance called sebum. Depending on the location and characteristics of the sebaceous cyst, there are different types. Some common types include

  • Epidermoid cysts
  • Pilar cysts
  • Steatocystoma 
  • Digital mucous cysts 
  • Trichilemmal cysts

Lipoma Mole


Lipomas are fatty tumors located under the skin. It is not cancer and is usually harmless. A lipoma is a mass of fat that grows slowly, usually between the skin and the underlying muscle layer. Lipomas are soft to the touch, usually not tender, and move easily with light finger pressure. Lipomas can appear anywhere on the body. It’s usually just under the skin, Soft and doughy to the touch, Generally small, Sometimes it hurts.

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Surgical Treatments for Lipomas

lipoma removal surgery in baner pune
  • Excision – This is the most common surgical procedure for lipomas. This involves making an incision over the lipoma, removing the entire lipoma, and closing the incision with sutures. The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia.
  • Liposuction – In some cases, liposuction can be used to remove large lipomas. It involves inserting a thin tube called a cannula into the lipoma through a small incision and using suction to remove the fatty tissue.

Common FAQs on Sebaceous Cysts

Lipoma or Sebaceous cysts are usually completely painless. However, if it becomes infected, it can become painful and cause inflammation of the skin. 

No. Sebaceous cysts are not contagious.  

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Lipoma Removal Surgery in Pune, Painless Treatment

A lipoma is an abnormal growth of cells underneath the skin, typically considered benign by medical professionals. Nonetheless, individuals might seek lipoma removal surgery in Pune if they’re uneasy about the appearance or discomfort associated with lipomas.

In exceptional instances, treatment for sebaceous cysts may extend to internal organs or muscles. Furthermore, a rare genetic condition can lead to multiple familial lipomas. Lipomas can manifest in individuals with certain medical conditions, including

  • Gardner’s syndrome
  • Cowden syndrome
  • Madelung’s disease
  • Adiposis dolorosa

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