Nerve Surgery

Nerve surgery, also known as nerve repair or nerve reconstruction, is a specialized surgical procedure aimed at repairing or restoring damaged nerves. Nerve injuries can result from various causes, such as trauma, accidents, infections, tumors, or certain medical conditions. Nerve surgery can be performed by neurosurgeons, hand surgeons, or other specialists with expertise in nerve-related conditions.

Symptoms of Nerve Surgery

It’s important to note that “nerve surgery” itself is not a symptom. Nerve surgery is a medical procedure performed to treat nerve-related conditions, as described in the previous response. The symptoms experienced after nerve surgery can vary depending on the type of nerve surgery performed, the specific nerve being treated, the individual’s overall health, and other factors. Common symptoms after nerve surgery may include

  • Pain
  • Numbness or Tingling
  • Weakness or Muscle Dysfunction
  • Sensitivity Changes
  • Swelling or Bruising
  • Scar Formation
  • Complications

Who Is an Ideal Candidate For Nerve Surgery?


Aesthetic and Reconstructive Clinic has established certain criteria to determine if a candidate is suitable for a Nerve surgery. Here are some factors that may indicate you as an ideal candidate for nerve surgery.

Common FAQs on Nerve Surgery

Nerve surgery may be required for conditions such as nerve compression (e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome), nerve injuries from trauma, nerve tumors (e.g., schwannomas, neuromas), or nerve-related complications from other medical conditions.

The specific technique used in nerve surgery depends on the type and extent of the nerve injury or condition. It may involve nerve repair, nerve grafting, nerve transfer, or decompression of compressed nerves.

Nerve surgery is performed under anesthesia, so patients should not feel pain during the procedure. However, some discomfort and pain can be expected during the recovery period after surgery.

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Best Nerve Reconstruction Surgery In Baner Pune

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