Hair Transplant

Everyone wants to have an attractive look, a toned body and thick hair. But pollution and stress cause severe hair loss in many people. More than 60% of men and 10% of women suffer from hair loss. Baldness has become a major concern for most people and the best solution is hair transplant surgery. Hair plant is the most popular cosmetic procedure today. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves removing hair follicles from any hairy area of ​​the body and replacing them with hairless skin. This is done to restore hair density and stimulate hair growth in the affected areas.

benefits of hair transplant

Restored hair in bald spots

Increased confidence

Covered receding hairline

Improved aesthetic appearance

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Hair Transplant Techniques

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – Also known as the strip method, FUT involves removing a strip of scalp from the donor area (usually the back of the head) and dissecting it into individual follicular units under a microscope. These follicular units, containing one to four hairs, are then transplanted into the recipient area. FUT can yield good results, but it does leave a linear scar at the donor site.
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – FUE is a more advanced technique that involves extracting individual follicular units directly from the donor area using a micro-punch tool. The advantage of FUE is that it leaves minimal scarring compared to FUT. FUE can be performed manually or with the assistance of automated systems.
  3. FUT + FUE – At our center the most recent modality of FUT and FUE combination is done. Through this technique we are able to get more than 4000 – 4500 grafts for implantation in a single sitting which world take more than two shifting in FUT or FUE when done as an isolated procedure. The results our clients have achieved is phenomenal and are very happy in the end of the procedure.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For hair transplant Surgery?

The ideal candidate for a hair transplant is someone who meets certain criteria and has realistic expectations for the procedure. Here are some of the factors that can make a person a good candidate for a hair plant

Sufficient Donor Hair

Stable Hair Loss

Good General Health

Realistic Expectations

Psychological Readiness

Age Consideration

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Dr. Pranav Thusay is one of the top plastic surgeons in Pune with over a decade of surgical experience. He is currently the Director and CEO of ARC – Plastic Surgery Center.


Best Hair Transplant In Baner, Pune

If you’re in search of a reputable hair clinic near you, offering top-notch hair surgery and treatment, look no further. Our dedicated clinic specializes in advanced hair plant procedures, providing effective solutions to combat hair loss and restore your natural hairline.

Our Expertise

At our state-of-the-art hair clinic, we boast a team of skilled and experienced professionals who excel in performing hair transplant surgeries. We understand that each individual’s hair loss pattern is unique, and therefore, we tailor our treatments to suit your specific needs.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Our hair plant surgery is a meticulously planned and executed procedure that ensures a natural and appealing outcome. Using the latest technology and techniques, we harvest healthy hair follicles from donor areas and transplant them to the areas where hair is thinning or balding.

Advanced Treatments

In addition to hair transplant surgery, we offer a range of advanced treatments for hair restoration. These treatments are designed to stimulate hair growth, improve hair density, and enhance overall scalp health. Our comprehensive approach addresses both the symptoms and underlying causes of hair loss.

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