Breast Reduction

Breasts that are too large and heavy cause various medical and cosmetic problems. They are associated with altered posture that causes chronic neck, upper back and shoulder pain. A tight bra used to hold heavy breasts, cut at the shoulder, creating deep wrinkles. Rashes and skin irritation are caused by constant moisture in the breast fold, because under the breasts is a good environment for the development of fungal diseases. Jogging and active sports become more difficult and finding clothes that fit well is difficult. Breast reduction is designed to remove sagging, heavy breast tissue and to shape and place the breasts in a younger area on the chest. Welcome to Aesthetic and Reconstructive Clinic (ARC), India’s leading breast reduction surgery center in Pune.

Types of Breast reduction surgery

There are different types of breast reduction and your breast size and desired reduction will help the best cosmetic surgeon decide which type of breast reduction is right for you. The best plastic surgeons in India ensure that the scars are minimal and not visible through normal clothes.

  • Anchor type or inverted T reduction –In this type of reduction, incisions are made around the nipple, below the breast crease and below the breast.
  • Vertical pattern breast reduction – In this type of reduction, incisions are made around the nipple and up to the breast crease.
  • Circumareolar breast reduction or Periareolar reduction –This type of surgery is suitable when only a small amount of tissue needs to be removed.
  • Liposuction Brest Reduction Surgery – Liposuction breast reduction surgery in India is suitable for women who only need a moderate reduction, with good skin quality and no sagging to correct.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate For Breast Reduction Surgery?


Breast reduction surgery is often recommended for people who experience physical discomfort, pain, or emotional distress due to large breasts. Here are some of the factors that may indicate that you are an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Common FAQs on Breast Reduction

Breast reduction means to make breast smaller by removing a part of breast fat, glandular tissue and excess skin to change the size of breasts.

The duration of surgery  lasts for 3 -4 hours depending on the size of breast. one or both sides are treated and the complexity of surgery.

Breast cancer occurs due to changes in cell structure of breast tissue. Breast reduction surgery in itself per se  does not cause cancer.

You will be in hospital at night of surgery and will be discharged a day after. In case of  more complex procedure your hospital stay may be extended for more than one night and you will the discharged on the day after.

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Dr. Pranav Thusay is one of the top plastic surgeons in Baner, Pune with over a decade of surgical experience. He is currently the Director and CEO of ARC – Plastic Surgery Center.


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