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Welcome to Aesthetic and Reconstructive Centre (ARC), Plastic Surgery Centre in Baner, Pune. ARC is a trusted destination for Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck Surgery in Baner, Pune. Our experienced and skilled team is dedicated to helping you achieve a flatter, more contoured abdomen and boosting your self-confidence.


What is Abdominoplasty?

Tummy tuck surgery in baner pune

Have you ever looked at your reflection in the mirror and wished for a flatter, more toned tummy? Even with a healthy lifestyle, it’s common to struggle with a bulging abdomen. If you’re seeking a smooth and flattering look that boosts your confidence and comfort, consider a tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty. This transformative procedure can help you achieve the desired aesthetic and feel more at ease in your own body.

Abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as Abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal area while tightening the underlying muscles to create a slimmer, firmer belly. This procedure is an effective solution for individuals who struggle with loose, sagging skin, abdominal muscle separation, and stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate For Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) Surgery?


Abdominoplasty is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures because it is incredibly safe and can effectively address numerous cosmetic and health concerns. Exploring the eligibility criteria for abdominoplasty requires thoughtful evaluation. Let’s take a closer look at who is most suitable for this delicate surgery

Excess Skin and Fat

Post-Pregnancy Resilience

Realistic Expectations

Common FAQs on Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)

  • Traditional Tummy Tuck
  • Mini Tummy Tuck
  • Extended Tummy Tuck

Dr. Thusay will discuss your goals, and comprehensively assess the degree of weakness of your abdominal wall muscles, the amount of excess skin and subcutaneous fat around the abdominal wall and also look for the presence of any hernias as well. he will also discuss the type of tummy tuck that is ideal for you and what kind of results you can expect.

The surgery itself takes between 2 - 21/2 hours with some additional time to administer general anaesthesia.

Prior to your abdominoplasty procedure at ARC, Plastic Surgery Centre in Pune, our skilled plastic surgeon will conduct a thorough consultation with you. We genuinely listen to your goals and aspirations, ensuring we fully understand your desired outcomes. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the look you've been tirelessly working towards, even if exercise and weight loss haven't quite gotten you there. Furthermore, we take a compassionate approach to your care, providing support and guidance throughout every step of the process, from preoperative preparations to postoperative recovery.

At our Pune plastic surgery center, while the majority of patients for tummy tucks are women, a small percentage of patients are men.  Male abdominoplasty is often associated with weight loss, it can also address other concerns. Dr. Pranav, our experienced surgeon, is highly skilled in performing abdominoplasty procedures for both male and female patients, carefully tailoring his approach to enhance the appearance of the abdomen.

One has to understand that both the procedures have different indication and these are COMPLIMENTORY to one another.

Yes, Now a day's we combine both the procedures in certain groups of patients to give cosmetically superiors results

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Dr. Pranav Thusay is one of the top plastic surgeons in Pune with over a decade of surgical experience. He is currently the Director and CEO of ARC – Plastic Surgery Center. 


Tummy Tuck Surgery In Baner Pune

At Advanced Aesthetics, Baner Pune

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure designed to address issues such as protruding, lax, sagging, or pendulous abdominal skin. Depending on the specific case, this treatment can target either the lower abdomen or the central region, and in some instances, it may extend to include the ribcage and sides.

For cases where localized fat is the primary concern, abdominal contouring can be achieved through liposuction alone. However, when excess fat coexists with loose, sagging skin, a Abdominoplasty becomes the ideal solution. This procedure effectively eliminates both undesirable fat and excess skin through surgical excision.

In limited abdominoplasty procedures, the navel (umbilicus) remains undisturbed. Only the loose skin and fat beneath the umbilicus are removed. In contrast, a full abdominoplasty is performed when excess skin and fat above the umbilicus need to be addressed. In such cases, the umbilicus is carefully relocated after surgery. Following the elevation of abdominal skin and fat, the abdominal muscles are tightened to enhance the overall contour.

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